Many retail establishments are so caught up in the process of selling that they often don’t know exactly how many print devices they have, or how much of their budget is getting spent on printing! Don’t worry at Hughes Office Equipment we’ve designed a unique program to address these concerns in the retail marketplace!

We understand the special needs retailers have when it comes to both internal and external communications. Most businesses today are looking for a more sustainable approach. We can help you eliminate wasteful printing and improve both your cost visibility and help you to control unnecessary expenses saving your business both time and money!

We’ve found many common challenges in the retail marketplace such as:

  • Decentralized purchasing
  • Poor cost visibility
  • No usage controls or cost control monitoring
  • Reactive approach to consumables purchase and ordering
  • Workflow issues and bottlenecks

Our exclusive Managed Print program specifically designed to address these retail challenges will help you to better manage your documents in both hardcopy and digital format. We can help you to keep your people focused on revenue generating core business tasks since we will assume responsibility for all of your printing, hardware, service and supply needs. We’ve achieved great success for our retail clients in the following areas:

  • Significant cost savings
  • Control of expenses
  • Single vendor simplicity and accountability, the buck stops here!
  • Speed of communication
  • Dramatically improved employee engagement and overall service levels