A Comparison: Standard Copier vs. Multifunction Printer

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Is it time to replace your aging copier? In today’s world, there are many options to chose from! You can stick with an updated version of your traditional copier, or you can multitask by upgrading to a multifunction device (MFP). Both the copier and the MFP are standard equipment in most offices. The terms used to describe them, as well as how they function while similar, are completely different.

In this post, we’re going to compare the traditional copiers and the MFP to help you make a more informed decision when it’s time to upgrade your business.

  • Functionality – A copier has a single focus, and does it perfectly… it makes copies. A multifunction device copies, but it also prints, scans, faxes and performs other tasks. An MFP can handle both monochrome and color printing. Depending on the device, both have the capability to produce high-quality output.
  • Speed – Copiers have a faster ppm rate than MFPs. However, with short runs, there is little difference in output rate. If you’re making 1,000 copies of a single document, the copier wins in terms of speed. However, for most day-to-day needs, the difference is negligible.
  • User Friendliness – When first released, MFPs were complex and difficult to operate. In the years that followed, they got progressively more user-friendly. Today, modern devices are designed to keep the user experience top-of-mind. Most operate with a single button push.
  • Market Adoption – With the number of jobs an MFP can do, more businesses are moving away from a dedicated copier. Copiers are best kept for large volume document output. Today, as we move toward green initiatives like digital marketing and reducing consumables use, the MFP is replacing the copier in many offices.
  • Device Size – Like most technology, MFPs are continuing to shrink in size. Today, models are available that are small enough to sit on a desktop, and light enough to move wherever they’re needed. However, as a rule, the higher the output, the larger the device.

So….Copier or MFP?

Does your office make hundreds, or thousands, of copies a week? A copier might just be right for you. Limited space with a need to print, copy and fax? An MFP could fit the bill. With so many choices and features available it can be difficult to make a decision. If you have questions, or would like more information on the latest technology give us a call!

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