A Comparison: Standard Copier vs. Multifunction Printer

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Is it time to replace your aging copier? In today’s world, there are many options to chose from! You can stick with an updated version of your traditional copier, or you can multitask by upgrading to a multifunction device (MFP). Both the copier and the MFP are standard equipment in most offices. The terms used…

Choosing the Right Printer Can Save You Money! | Hughes Office Products

Choosing the Right Printer Can Save You Money!

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As much as we’ve moved toward the digital office, paper documents are still a necessary element of most businesses. However, many business owners are shocked when they learn how much they’re actually spending on managing their print. The fact is, haphazard printing practices and wasteful habits can lead to a significant drain on your profits.…

5 Signs of You’ve Received a Phishing Email

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Phishing is a common cyber crime, and it’s on the rise. With this social engineering tactic, criminals send authentic-looking emails that trick the recipient into revealing login credentials or clicking on malicious links, wreaking havoc. How can you protect yourself and your business?  These five tips will help you spot phishing emails. 1) It doesn’t…

Common Questions and Answers About the Cloud | Hughes Office Equipment

Common Questions and Answers About the Cloud

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Have you moved to the cloud yet? Not sure if it’s right for your business? Here are some of the top questions (and answers) we’ve been asked about cloud computing. What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing utilizes a network of remote servers, hosted on the Internet to process, store, manage and share data instead of hosting it on-site. Basically, cloud computing…

Xerox Secure Print Features to Keep Your Data Safe | Hughes Office Equipment

Xerox Secure Print Features to Keep Your Data Safe

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Your printer can be one of the most vulnerable points on your network. Because they can be easily overlooked, many multifunction printers and wireless printers are unsecured, making them a perfect target for hackers looking to gain access to your data. However, with Xerox’s Secure Print features, your printer – and network – can stay…

Why You Need Digital Document Management | Hughes Office Equipment

Why You Need Digital Document Management

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Do you spend time every day looking for information? A recent McKinsey report found that your employees spend an average of 1.8 hours searching for information each day. That’s 9.3 hours per week! Today, information retrieval can be easy. It doesn’t have to mean 10 hours of lost productivity every week! A digital document system organizes…

Build Your IT Dream Team with a Managed IT Approach | Hughes Office Equipment

Build Your IT Dream Team with a Managed IT Approach

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As we continue dealing with the unprecedented challenges COVID-19 has brought to our lives in the past year, our current reality is altered, and we all hope to return to “normal” soon. While much has changed, one thing that hasn’t is the need for professional IT services, especially in light of the recent explosion in…

Creating a Disaster and Recovery Plan

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We live in uncertain times. Hurricanes, wildfires, cyberattacks; whether natural or manmade, disasters happen. If you’re not prepared, the toll can be devastating. According to FEMA, almost 40% of businesses that experience a disaster will close forever. Are you prepared? Could you keep your systems running in the event of a significant event, for example,…

Your ROI When Migrating Your Business to the Cloud

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If you’re planning on migrating your business to the cloud, it can be a complicated task filled with many interlocking parts, each with its own risks and rewards. Calculating ROI for these moves can be difficult and means that you must measure the costs and benefits, as well as how they evolve over time when comparing an…

Tips to Reduce Your Rate of Customer Churn | Hughes Office Equipment

Tips to Reduce Your Rate of Customer Churn

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No business is exempt from customer loss, but the key to lasting success is to keep the rate of customer churn as low as possible. Use these strategies to help you retain a loyal customer base, and prevent your clients from heading towards the competition. What is Customer Churn? Customer churn is defined as the…