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The Right Password is a Critical Element For Securing Your Network | Hughes Office Equipment

The Right Password is a Critical Element For Securing Your Network

Today, security should be a concern for every business regardless of size. Verizon’s Annual Data Breach and Security Report found that 81% of hacking-related data breaches involved either stolen or weak, easily compromised, passwords. Password protection should be at the top of every IT security team’s list. Here are a few best practices to implement…

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How Do You Know If MPS Is Right For You?

Have you been considering Managed Print Services for your business? If you’ve been wondering if you should invest in MPS, these questions may help you decide. Do you know how much you spend on print? Print is a major expense for many businesses, and it’s estimated that close to 90% don’t know how much they…

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How to Reduce Your Printing Costs | Hughes Office Equipment

How to Reduce Your Printing Costs

Did you know that for many companies printing can cost up to 3% of annual revenues? Yet 90% of businesses don’t have any print controls or monitor their print costs. In fact, for many businesses, the print environment is the last unaudited department. Taking some simple steps can help to keep your print costs under…

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Tips to Fix Common Print Problems | Hughes Office Equipment

Tips to Fix Common Print Problems

Printer problems can be frustrating and time-consuming. However, many problems come down to simple issues that can be easily remedied. Before you place a service call, check to see if your issue can be solved with one of these fixes. Sub Par Print Quality If your print quality isn’t what you’re expecting, there may be…

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Choosing the Right Paper For Your Print Job | Hughes Office Equipment

Choosing The Right Paper For Your Print Job

Obviously to print a document, you need paper to print it on! However, many users don’t think much beyond making sure the paper tray is full. What paper you use can have a significant impact on your final document, as well as your bottom line. Types of Paper Paper weight is typically measured by its…

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Do You Know About the Many Capabilities Your MFP Offers?

Today’s multifunction devices can be a big investment. To get the best ROI, it’s important to take stock of all the features and functionality your MFP provides. Is your team utilizing all of the features your multifunction printer offers? Let’s look at three types of MFPs and some of their underutilized features. Types of Multifunction Print…

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Should You Buy or Lease Equipment? | Hughes Office Equipment

Should You Buy or Lease Equipment?

With today’s rapidly changing technology, it can seem impossible to keep your office equipment up-to-date. Small business, with small budgets, must decide if it’s worth the expense to upgrade. However, many pieces of office equipment can be leased instead of bought. But how do you know if that’s the right option for your business? Overall…

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How a Managed Print Program Allows You to Realize Significant Cost Savings

Do you have an accurate understanding of what your business is paying in printing costs? For most organizations, printing is the third largest operating expense behind payroll and rent. If you don’t have a clear picture of what you’re spending on print-related costs, this expense can be detrimental to your bottom line. Fortunately, partnering with…

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Protect Your Business From Toner Pirates | Hughes Office Equipment

Protect Your Business From Toner Pirates

Most businesses know it’s more important than ever to be vigilant when it comes to security and stay up to date on the latest breaches and scams. A developing scam to keep an eye out for is called the toner scam. Toner scams are becoming more common and are easy to fall for. In 2017, 21…

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