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4 Ways MPS Can Help Your Business Go Green, Hughes Xerographic

5 Ways MPS Can Help Your Business Go Green

With Earth Day quickly approaching on April 22nd you may be thinking about ways that your organization can be more mindful of the environment. While some may think that “going green” is as simple as tossing a soda can into a blue bin, the process of going green is actually more complex at the business level. Managed Print Services…

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Celebrate Earth Day "Green" Your Print Environment

Celebrate Earth Day and “Green” Your Print Environment

Have you considered what effect your office is having on the environment? This April 22nd marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, and it’s the perfect time to take stock and commit to greening your operations. “Greening” your office isn’t difficult and it’s worth the effort. You’ll not only be doing your part to help the planet, the…

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