How to be Environmentally Conscious and Save Money with Managed Print

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – we’ve heard those sustainability buzzwords for years now. Of course such practices are good for the environment, but what about for business? Is there a case to be made for revamping your documentation infrastructure to accommodate green initiatives?

The answer is yes – to varying degrees. You can choose everyday measures like having your staff change their print settings to grayscale, and printing on both sides of the paper. Those small reduction efforts alone can save the average small office hundreds per year on paper and, especially, toner cartridges.

Or you can opt for a more holistic approach, integrating a digital solution that cuts the need for printing dramatically. That’s what happened in the city of Hamburg, Germany. By going digital, the city is reported to expect savings of $14 million over five years.

While Hamburg demonstrates a major organization’s savings, a small or medium-sized business can also optimize its print fleet – to help the environment and to accommodate today’s increasingly mobile workforce.

It Starts With An Assessment
Using a managed print services (MPS) professional to assess your workplace and recommend green options can ultimately save you both time and money.

  • If your office is still tied to multiple devices – printers, copiers, scanners and fax machines, for example – transitioning to an “all in one” that combines all these functions saves energy and cuts down on paper and toner consumption. Your MPS advisor can then take you through the steps to recycling the obsolete equipment to cut down on landfill issues.
  • If your workforce, vendors and clients are far-flung and difficult to reach, a digital documentation solution can be your next step. Today’s DocuShare technology is designed to work with multifunction devices to facilitate online network users who can create, route, and publish content no matter where the individual stakeholders are located. Sophisticated security measures help ensure that confidential material stays in the right hands.

Considerations For Documentation Redesign

When working with a managed print services consultant, you will find information on how green printing integrates into your work process.

  • Print device recycling. A printer more than three years old is often obsolete, both in its performance and in regards to evolving technology. Subsequent repair calls and downtime contribute to a productivity drain. Ask your MPS provider about a print device-recycling program that monitors the equipment and determines the most energy-efficient and dependable hardware to put into use in your office.
  • Print fleet optimizing. Strategic print consolidation can cut down on the actual number of devices in the workplace. In many cases, a new physical layout can consolidate all the document management functions in one place. By removing such redundant items as desktop printers and extra scanners, you’ll reduce energy and material costs across the board.

Green effort is a team effort
Green initiatives don’t occur in a vacuum – it takes commitment from you, your employees and office equipment provider. Find out how you can use today’s technology to promote sustainability while creating a more efficient office.

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