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For Your Consideration: 10 Scary Paper Facts! | Hughes Office Equipment

For Your Consideration: 10 Scary Paper Facts!

To start your Hallowe’en festivities, we wanted to share ten eye-opening facts about paper waste sure to scare you into more sustainable printing practices! 10 Scary Facts About Paper Waste American businesses generate a frightening amount of paper waste annually. Living more sustainably starts with small steps like getting your print environment under control. Implementing recycling programs for…

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Print Environment Out of Control? Try a Print Assessment! | Hughes Office Equipment

Print Environment Out of Control? Try a Print Assessment!

When was the last time you looked at how productive and efficient your print environment is? Many companies don’t regularly review how their print fleet is functioning. A thorough print assessment can help pinpoint areas of savings that can add up to as much as 3% of your annual revenue! Here are some steps you…

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Reveal Hidden Savings with Managed Print Services

In the search for new and innovative ways to save money, often organizations bypass their print environment because they consider it to be just another cost of doing business. In reality, determining the true cost of printing can be a complex process, but worth uncovering as it typically holds a wealth of hidden savings. A…

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How Managed Print Services Can Help Your Non-Profit Organization, Hughes Xerographic, Bellaire, OH

How Managed Print Services Can Help Your Non-Profit Organization

The print demands of non-profit organizations are high, and this can sometimes create a conflict when it comes to cost cutting. The typical NPO often has a number of different print devices (often donated) spread throughout the office and very little understanding of their actual cost-per-page. Often print needs for NPOs run the gamut from…

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6 Key Points to Consider When Developing Your Office Print Policy , Hughes Xerographic

5 Key Points to Include in Your Office Print Policy

For many businesses, cutting costs is a priority to decrease spending and increase profits. However, many overlook a major area where they could be saving money: their print environment. Uncontrolled use means unnecessary expense of consumables, energy, and wear and tear on your machines. Establishing a print policy in your office can lead to significant savings. To…

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The Truth About Toner Coverage

Every printer manufacturer includes, as a part of the documentation with each printer sold, an estimated page yield and cost per page figure.  While helpful, page yields and cost-per-page figures can be deceiving.  Much like your gas mileage, the numbers are based on an average. When you drive over the speed limit, or up hills…

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7 Ways to Create a Paperless Office

It’s been 50 years since marketers coined the term “paperless office” but it’s still not a reality. Businesses today probably still can’t go completely paperless, but here are 10 tips for reducing your company’s dependence on paper! 1. Institute monitoring to track paper use. The first step towards reducing usage is to understand how much…

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How Can “Cloud” Technology Help Your Business?

Cloud technology has swept the business world, offering SMB owners the opportunity to store, manage and retrieve information securely and easily, while freeing up valuable resources for other endeavors. While the technology itself isn’t new, the applications and speed with which it is finding its way into every aspect of business is. Companies are finding…

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Control Print Costs with Xerox ConnectKey

Between the paper, the toner, the storage space required and the electricity it takes to run your document devices, no wonder cost control is a top-of-mind issue for many office managers. By taking the first major step – replacing multiple printers, copiers and scanners with an “all in one” or multifunction printer (MFP) with Xerox ConnectKey technology – you…

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