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For Your Consideration: 10 Scary Paper Facts!

To start your Hallowe’en festivities, we wanted to share ten eye-opening facts about paper waste sure to scare you into more sustainable printing practices!

10 Scary Facts About Paper Waste

American businesses generate a frightening amount of paper waste annually. Living more sustainably starts with small steps like getting your print environment under control. Implementing recycling programs for both paper and toner cartridges are a great start.

Here are some spooky facts about the typical office’s paper use.

  1. The average employee in America makes 10,000 copies annually!
  2. The average American uses the equivalent of a 100-foot tall Douglas Fir in wood and paper products each year.
  3. The typical American office worker uses over 500 disposable paper and plastic cups at work each year.
  4. 28% of municipal solid waste consists of paper. More than anything else Americans throw away.
  5. To produce a single ton of paper, the paper and pulp industry uses more water than any other industry in America.
  6. Americans purchase upwards of 2.6 BILLION holiday cards each year. That’s enough to fill a professional football stadium 10 stories high!
  7. Paper waste accounts for 71.6 million tons of solid waste each year.
  8. The typical American office makes 19 copies of a paper document.
  9. They then proceed to lose one out of every 20 paper documents
  10. These same offices then spend up to $120 dollars searching for misfiled documents.

These statistics show the depth of the paper waste problem, and it’s pretty scary!

Reducing paper waste begins by implementing a company-wide print policy. Without one, your company’s print volumes and costs can quickly spiral out of control. Consider defaulting printers to 2-sided output, using authentication at the machine, and limiting color copies to reduce paper and consumables use.

Here are two more statistics to consider…

  • The 10,000 pages each employee produces costs $725 annually.
  • 37-41% of print-related expenses are unapproved.

If your team is printing personal documents or unnecessary emails or purchasing printer supplies without a PO, these costs are translating directly to your bottom line, and they’re higher then you think!

If you can relate to these statistics and want to get your print environment under control all while lowering your costs, consider a Managed Print solution. Give us a call and let us show you how Managed Print Services can help you increase sustainability, improve productivity, lower your print costs, and grow your business!

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