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Still Like Your Printers? Keep them With a Managed Print Solution!

Many businesses in Ohio and West Virginia are interested in partnering with a Managed Print Services provider but may hesitate because they’re worried they’ll need to make a capital outlay to upgrade their printer fleet. In fact, one of the first questions we’re often asked is “what happens to my old printers?” The truth is when you engage an MPS provider, one of the first steps is to assess the current state of your print environment.


So, the short answer to the question is, yes you can still keep your existing print fleet, however, you should ask some important questions.

The Right Questions 

Any MPS provider has the flexibility to incorporate most printer fleets into their plans. One of the first steps to an assessment is analyzing which printers are useful and cost-efficient. They may find that while some of your print fleet is fine, upgrading others may improve productivity, lower per-page costs, and end up actually provide cost savings over time. Ask yourself:

  • Are your printers taking your IT team’s time to maintain?
  • What are your current print maintenance costs?
  • Do you have redundancy in your print fleet?
  • Are your machines secure? Can you control security risks or do you need to incorporate user-restrictions?
  • Are you wasting money and resources on unnecessary printing?

The point of a Managed Print relationship is to identify cost savings, increase printer uptime and manage print security. Most companies have no idea how much they are spending on print. When they learn the real cost as the result of an assessment, it’s often shocking!

Getting Your Print Costs Under Control

A Managed Print solution can immediately save you as much as 30% on your print costs. A Managed Print Services program offers simplified billing for more predictable budgeting and also addresses fundamental issues that are costing you money, like erroneous billing, supply management issues, and inefficient workflows and print practices.

Managed Print is ideal for controlling costs, improving efficiency, and making sure that your print fleet is helping your business to serve your clients better. If you’d like to learn more, give us a call and schedule a free print assessment. Let us show you how Managed Print Services can help you grow your business, improve productivity, and get your print costs under control.

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