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5 Key Points to Include in Your Office Print Policy

For many businesses, cutting costs is a priority to decrease spending and increase profits. However, many overlook a major area where they could be saving money: their print environment. Uncontrolled use means unnecessary expense of consumables, energy, and wear and tear on your machines. Establishing a print policy in your office can lead to significant savings.

To get started, here are six questions to consider:

1) How much is each department printing? Without restrictions, employees may be printing far more than they need to. Examine what types of prints they are making to determine if you can limit printing for certain departments.

2) How much color printing is done? Color prints may look nice, but they’re more expensive. Departments like marketing may need to use color, but chances are most other documents can be done in black and white. Limit color printing only to the departments that need it.

3) What are the default values? As a general rule, most printers should be defaulted to print in black and white. Most office printing can be done with these cost-saving settings, and employees can change them for individual documents as needed.

4) How do you buy printers? Buying a new printer is a big expense and should be done with forethought and planning. Consolidating the purchasing of these devices to one department can help control arbitrary purchases and control spending.

5) Who services your printers? Ideally, you should have protocols in place for troubleshooting printer problems to reduce unexpected service calls. It also means that problems can be solved quickly, reducing downtime.

6) What’s the best way to communicate your print policy to employees? Weekly emails with printing tips and reminders can be an effective way to engage your team.

To learn more about how to successfully create and enforce a company-wide print policy, contact us today!


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