4 Easy Ideas to Reduce Your Color Printing Costs!

For many businesses looking to reduce costs there is one often-overlooked area. At first glance your companies print environment doesn’t seem like it can be a major source of lost revenues and inflated costs, but it can, and it’s often the last un-audited department in many businesses.

The good news is that with a few simple policies it’s possible to get your print environment under control. Here are four ideas that are practical and easy to implement to help control your print costs.

Implement a print policy. Create an office wide print policy that can include items like 2-sided copies or color use only on approved documents. Make adherence mandatory and keep a print log. Often, just mentioning that printing will be monitored is enough to significantly drop print volume including expensive color printing.

• Use printer defaults.  It takes no time to set defaults for automatic 2-sided printing or black and white only. Your employee’s natural instinct is to just hit print without thinking of the output. By setting defaults, when they go to the machine, they will find 2-sided black and white copies. These defaults are also effective for email printing as well. Often email will contain a color logo. Defaults can eliminate the cost of reproducing that logo. Setting preferences for different types of documents like PDF’s, word documents or Power Point, will greatly reduce the use and costs of color.

Implement a Managed Print Program.  By implementing simple rules and controls around what is being printed. MPS methodology uses technology to put restrictions in place for each device and user. Most companies can realize a 10 to 30% cost savings with an MPS program. You will use less inventory and can control cost by restricting access. MPS also offers better financial predictability. Along with cost savings you will benefit from increased sustainability.

• Use only black and white print devices. Sounds simple and it is! Most departments don’t need access to color printing. By limiting them to black and white devices you eliminate the cost of color printing. Black and white devices also use less ink and toner which can also be a significant cost savings.

Implementing one or more of these ideas in your office will help to get your print environment under control.  It’s a smart business decision that can help you significantly reduce costs in this tough business environment.


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