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Understand Your Print Costs

Printing is an integral part of your business – and of your budget. However, many companies don’t understand what print is costing them. From devices to print volume to maintenance, do you know what your print environment is costing you?

Device costs

90% of companies don’t know how many printers they have. This often means there are many printers from multiple manufacturers scattered throughout both public and private spaces in the office. Without understanding how many printers you have, you can’t begin to understand what your print costs truly are.

Not only are supplies a major expense, especially when you’re purchasing for multiple brands of printer devices  – supply shortages can lead to a major disruption in your business.

Print Volume

In addition to the cost of your devices, the amount you print influences your overall print costs. The average worker now prints 10,000 pages per year, costing over $700. If you don’t monitor and regulate your print volumes, your print costs can quickly spiral out of control.


Did you know that nearly half of all help desk calls are print-related? Because the printer is such a necessary part of business, your IT employees need to put aside their higher-valued tasks when the call comes to attend to these needs. Because your IT team isn’t made up of print experts, this can take far more time and money than hiring a professional Managed Print Services team.

Understand Your Costs

The best way to truly get a handle on all these factors is through a print assessment. A Managed Print Services provider can guide you through this process, so you understand what devices you have and how they are used. Once you understand what print is costing you, they’ll help develop strategies to reduce these expenses. Companies using Managed Print Services often save between 10 and 30% of their annual print costs.

Print is the third largest expense for many businesses, but the costs are often hidden and complex. With a print assessment you can truly understand what your print environment is costing you so that you can get a handle on your print-related expenses. Want to learn more? Contact us today and learn how you can gain control over your print environment.


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