Want to Be More Productive at Work? Take a Vacation!

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Work is an important part of our lives. But if you want to up the productivity, take a vacation! Seems counter intuitive, but a vacation can improve your focus, clarity and productivity. A recent US Travel Association’s Project Time Off study found that 54% of employees left unsused vacation time on the books in 2016 – that’s a collective 662 MILLION vacation days unused!

Vacation time is important to physical and mental health. Even a day off at home catching up on the gardening can help. Here are a few reasons time off is important and a little on how you can disconnect from work and really enjoy it!

The Benefits of Vacations

Even just a single day off brings benefits like:

  • Reduced Stress – Workers who take regular time off report fewer stress related complaints. The positive effects of a single day off can last for weeks.
  • Improved Productivity – Disconnecting allows you to recharge. Getting more work done in less time takes a lot of focus. Ernst and Young found that every ten hours of vacation improves an employee’s performance-rating by 8%. When you’re more productive, you’re happier – and happier people excel at what they do!
  • Improved Sleep – Disrupted sleep is a common malady today. Oftentimes because we don’t leave work at the office. When we can’t turn it off, if affects our sleep and less sleep means lower productivity, impaired memory and less focus. Vacations give us a chance to unplug and reset our sleep patterns.

Disconnect and Recharge

It doesn’t take much to fix the issues related to overwork. Simply turning off the cellphone and relaxing with a good book can help prevent burnout. A simple change of scenery can change your perspective, boost creativity and improve your focus. That can happen in as little as a single day!

When you do take a break, let your boss, team and clients know and tell them who to contact if they need help. Then stick to your plan: turn off the cellphone and don’t check your email or call the office.

To stay focused and productive means achieving a work/life balance. Take a vacation and you’ll end up more productive and happier for it!

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