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Developing a Print Security Plan

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Businesses know that network security must be a top priority if they want to keep their data and customers safe from cyber attack. However, the weak link in network security is often the printers. With a print security strategy, you can make your printers as secure as the rest of your network.

Secure Your Printer

Today’s multifunction printers send and receive huge amounts of data every day. It’s essential that you take the steps to secure your printers to protect this data. Some methods you may want to include in your print security plan include:

  • Encryption – All data transmitted to or from the MFP should be encrypted. This encodes the data making it useless if it is stolen or intercepted.
  • Hard drive deletion – MFPs store data on an internal hard drive, putting you at risk. Be sure to regularly delete this data to help protect your business.
  • User authentication – Only authorized users should be able to use your printers. User authentication by password or other means helps ensure this. Pull printing makes users authenticate at the printer before their job is released, further securing their documents.
  • Digital rights management – Digital signatures can help prevent unauthorized reproduction and transmission of your documents.

Integrate Your Plans

Though a print security plan can help secure your network, it must be integrated into your overall network security plan for maximum effectiveness. You want to develop these plans in tandem to prevent any dangerous gaps in your security. Every device that has access to your network should be accounted for in your security plans.

Monitor Usage

Once you have a security plan in place, it’s important to ensure compliance. Auditing software can monitor your print usage, which allows you to track users and be sure everything is being done according to your security protocols. Unauthorized usage can be detected quickly so you can act upon it.

Expert Help

Most IT teams are not experts in print security. A Managed Print Services provider can help you develop a comprehensive print security plan to meet the needs of your company. MPS has experts in all areas of print to advise you on keeping your security up to date.

Your network is only as strong as your weakest link. By developing a print security plan, you can prevent expensive data breaches and have a more secure network to protect all of your data.

Not sure how to get started with your print security plan? Contact us and let’s start the discussion!


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