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How to Secure Your Networked Printer | Hughes Office Equipment

How to Secure Your Networked Printer

How secure is your network? If you regularly update your servers and computers and have security protocols in place, you may believe your network – and your company – is safe from attack. But what about your printer? These devices are often overlooked, creating a major security vulnerability. The Printer is an Open Door Today’s…

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How to Defend Your Print Environment from Cybercrime

With cybercrime earning so much attention in the news recently, establishing a cybersecurity strategy needs to be a top priority for your business. While most businesses go to great lengths to secure their computers, printers are often an afterthought. However, in reality, printers pose a number of vulnerabilities to your business, making them a common target for hackers…

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Developing a Print Security Plan, Hughes Office Equipment

Developing a Print Security Plan

Businesses know that network security must be a top priority if they want to keep their data and customers safe from cyber attack. However, the weak link in network security is often the printers. With a print security strategy, you can make your printers as secure as the rest of your network. Secure Your Printer…

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Why MFPs Are an Important Part of Your Security Strategy, Hughes Xerographic

Why MFPs Are an Important Part of Your Security Strategy

There was a time when cybertheft was mainly limited to large scale corporations, major retailers, or government agencies, but as technology continues to advance businesses of all shapes and sizes are at risk of a breach in security. In an effort to reduce or eliminate the threat of an attack, business owners, managers, and IT personnel have…

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Security Features to Look For In Your Next Print Device

In today’s connected world, data security is a concern for every business, big or small. A recent report by found that small business was the target in 43% of cyber attacks. Of those targeted, 60% went out of business within 6 months after being breached. Understanding vulnerability points and putting a plan in place that…

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3 Ways Printers Put Your Business at Risk

When it comes to accessing your network, hackers know where the weak spots are. More than half of companies don’t properly secure their printers, leaving an open door for criminals to enter the network, stealing data and leaving havoc in their wake. Simply put, printers are a hackers dream. Why are printers so vulnerable? Printers introduce…

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