Security Features to Look For In Your Next Print Device

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In today’s connected world, data security is a concern for every business, big or small. A recent report by found that small business was the target in 43% of cyber attacks. Of those targeted, 60% went out of business within 6 months after being breached.

Understanding vulnerability points and putting a plan in place that is easy to implement, affordable and reliable is the key. A good place to begin is with the purchase of your next print device. Here are some of the latest security enhancements to look for to lower your risk.

Secure Printing – If your employees regularly send documents to the printer, and then move on to other tasks without retrieving them, confidential information can be at risk. Your next printer should offer user authentication. Users must enter a PIN number or other identifier at the device in order to receive their job. This feature prevents confidential data from lying around.

Data Encryption – When unencrypted data moves through your network you’re vulnerable to cyber attack. File encryption protects your data as it moves through your network, as well as at your print device. Encryption ensures protection from creation to completion.

Data Clearing – Networked printers today are basically computers, complete with hard drive storage. They must be protected like any other device on your network. Removing data physically or through automatic backup can lower your vulnerability. Your next printer should offer data removal using secure data deletion algorithms.

Cloud to Device Automation – If your team regularly scans documents using unauthorized cloud apps, your data is at risk. A printer that offers automated cloud device workflows can help your team to be more productive while allowing secure access to cloud apps.

Password Protection – An unlocked file cabinet is an invitation for breach. Using your MFP to digitize documents eliminates paper, freeing valuable office real estate (no more file cabinets!) and adds a layer of protection by making confidential information password protected. Adding password enabled scanning can help you track user actions and prevent unauthorized scanning.

These simple security features can lower your risk of data theft from common threats. All are available on Xerox printers with ConnectKey technology. If you’d like to learn how Xerox and ConnectKey can lower your risk of breach, give us a call! We’re always happy to help increase your security and lower your risks.

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