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Xerox Secure Print Features to Keep Your Data Safe | Hughes Office Equipment

Xerox Secure Print Features to Keep Your Data Safe

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Your printer can be one of the most vulnerable points on your network. Because they can be easily overlooked, many multifunction printers and wireless printers are unsecured, making them a perfect target for hackers looking to gain access to your data. However, with Xerox’s Secure Print features, your printer – and network – can stay…

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The Right Password is a Critical Element For Securing Your Network | Hughes Office Equipment

The Right Password is a Critical Element For Securing Your Network

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Today, security should be a concern for every business regardless of size. Verizon’s Annual Data Breach and Security Report found that 81% of hacking-related data breaches involved either stolen or weak, easily compromised, passwords. Password protection should be at the top of every IT security team’s list. Here are a few best practices to implement…

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How to Defend Your Print Environment from Cybercrime

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With cybercrime earning so much attention in the news recently, establishing a cybersecurity strategy needs to be a top priority for your business. While most businesses go to great lengths to secure their computers, printers are often an afterthought. However, in reality, printers pose a number of vulnerabilities to your business, making them a common target for hackers…

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Recognizing a Phishing Scam| Hughes Office Equipment

Recognizing a Phishing Scam

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How carefully do you look at an email before you open it? Many people don’t think a simple email is risky, which is why phishing scams are so effective. Before an email compromises your network, teach all your employees to look for the signs of a phishing scam. Check the email address Phishing scams typically…

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Developing a Print Security Plan, Hughes Office Equipment

Developing a Print Security Plan

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Businesses know that network security must be a top priority if they want to keep their data and customers safe from cyber attack. However, the weak link in network security is often the printers. With a print security strategy, you can make your printers as secure as the rest of your network. Secure Your Printer…

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10 Hacking Terms You Need to Know, Hughes Office Equipment

10 Hacking Terms You Need to Know

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Phishing, DoS, logic bomb – cyber threat terminology can be confusing and hard to keep track of in the ever-changing security landscape. But it’s important to understand the latest threats so you can develop a comprehensive security protocol. Here are some definitions to help: Back door: A back door is a hole in the software…

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Security Features to Look For In Your Next Print Device

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In today’s connected world, data security is a concern for every business, big or small. A recent report by found that small business was the target in 43% of cyber attacks. Of those targeted, 60% went out of business within 6 months after being breached. Understanding vulnerability points and putting a plan in place that…

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