How to Defend Your Print Environment from Cybercrime

With cybercrime earning so much attention in the news recently, establishing a cybersecurity strategy needs to be a top priority for your business. While most businesses go to great lengths to secure their computers, printers are often an afterthought. However, in reality, printers pose a number of vulnerabilities to your business, making them a common target for hackers to gain access to your network.

Here are some of ways that an unsecured printer makes your business vulnerable to a security breach:

  • Printer hard drives that store unencrypted data
  • Unauthorized access due to lack of user authentication requirements
  • Documents left uncollected on the printer’s output tray
  • Unsecured cloud connectivity
  • Mobile printing

Fortunately, there are some simple steps that you can take to secure your printer to significantly minimize your risk of experiencing a security breach:

Step 1: Secure the device.

Given today’s threat environment, the latest printers come armed with embedded security features to keep your device secure. These security features benefit your device on multiple levels, from start-up to shut-down.

A Managed Print Services provider will ensure that your printer is compliant with internationally recognized security standards and that all updates are code signed to confirm authenticity. To prevent unauthorized access of your device, it’s imperative that you require user authentication.

Step 2: Secure the data.

Your printer’s data creates a security risk for your business, whether it’s in transit or stored on your device. The latest printers offer encryption capabilities to make your data virtually impossible to read if your printer is to become compromised. To secure data, you must encrypt all data in transit and on your printer’s hard drive. When it comes time to trade in your printer, be sure to erase all data from the hard drive.

Step 3: Secure documents.

When sensitive documents are left on your printer’s output tray for all eyes to see, your risk of experiencing a security breach increases dramatically. A simple solution to prevent documents from becoming abandoned on the output tray is pull printing, which requires users to input an identifier at the device to retrieve print jobs.

Given today’s complex threat environment, developing a cohesive security strategy is no easy task. Contact us to learn more about solutions to defend your print environment from cybercrime and how to keep your business safe.

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