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How to Secure Your Networked Printer

How secure is your network? If you regularly update your servers and computers and have security protocols in place, you may believe your network – and your company – is safe from attack. But what about your printer? These devices are often overlooked, creating a major security vulnerability.

The Printer is an Open Door

Today’s networked printers are complex devices, with internal hard drives and are connected to every other device on your network. If you fail to secure your printers, it provides an open door for hackers.

Printers are often a weak link, and hackers know this. Once they gain access to your printer, they have access to all the data on the printer’s hard drive. They can also take control over the printer, using it for their own purposes, or shut it down completely. Sometimes they can even remotely damage the printer’s hard drive, disabling the printer permanently.

However the effects can go deeper than that. With access to your printer, the hackers can intercept all the data you send to and from the printer – every document that you print, scan or fax. Without proper security in place, the printer acts as the door to the network, which can result in a major data breach.

Securing Your Printers

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to secure your printer and your network. Some things you may want to consider include:

  • Changing the default password.
  • Utilizing the printer’s built-in security measures. This may include things such as encryption.
  • Enabling user authentication to reduce unauthorized use of the printer.
  • Performing regular software and driver updates.
  • Requiring the same level of security on your printers as you do for your other networked devices.
  • Monitor your printers, so you are aware of any problems as soon as they occur.

Taking these steps will dramatically increase your network and print security.

A network is only as secure as its weakest link – and hackers know that printers are usually easy to infiltrate. Taking the time to secure your printers can prevent your company from falling victim to these criminals. Contact us to learn more.




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