How Can “Cloud” Technology Help Your Business?

Cloud technology has swept the business world, offering SMB owners the opportunity to store, manage and retrieve information securely and easily, while freeing up valuable resources for other endeavors.

While the technology itself isn’t new, the applications and speed with which it is finding its way into every aspect of business is. Companies are finding cloud solutions for everything from customer relations to printing and Managed Print Services (MPS) are leading the pack. Here’s a look at the predicted trends for cloud technology in the year ahead.

Job Opportunities

Experts predict a growth in cloud related jobs in the year ahead, and although direct experience within the field won’t be a prerequisite, the ability to deliver client solutions in an efficient manner will be.

Harnessing Big Data

Big data is defined as sets of data too large to process in the conventional way. Analyzing these data sets can provide valuable information to businesses in regards to their customer base and aid in the development of future products and services. The ability to leverage this data through a cloud based service is the key to the future of this technology.

MPS and the Cloud

Flexibility is key in the workplace, where business doesn’t always happen in the office environment, or within the hours of 9 to 5. The beauty of the cloud is its accessibility from virtually anywhere and any device with an internet connection, providing access to software, document management and print solutions that previously required employees to retain a physical presence in the office.

The trend towards bring your own device (BYOD) where employees can use their own smartphones, laptops or tablets works harmoniously with cloud technology. While security is a factor, MPS can provide secure solutions to safeguard company data and technology while allowing access to the same from a multitude of devices.

The ability to print from the cloud is revolutionary, providing personnel the freedom to send information to the cloud via email, where it remains until it’s needed. Once a cloud enabled printer is located, a one-time security code, issued at the time of the request is all that is needed to print the job at hand.

Mobile print solutions are just one way that MPS can help save money and time, while helping to increase productivity and profits.

The forecast for the near future is bright, with MPS and cloud technology working seamlessly to provide businesses with cost effective solutions for data management and storage, freeing valuable resources in the process.

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