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Are Your Printing Costs Negatively Affecting Your Company's Bottom Line? | Hughes Office Equipment

Are Your Printing Costs Negatively Affecting Your Company’s Bottom Line?

Many businesses have no idea what their true printing costs are, or how they may be affecting their bottom line. When you consider supplies, maintenance, and repairs, if left unmanaged, these costs could go unnoticed. And this can make budgeting for print virtually impossible. Managing Print Supplies Without a print policy in place (a set of rules and…

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How Do You Know If MPS Is Right For You?

Have you been considering Managed Print Services for your business? If you’ve been wondering if you should invest in MPS, these questions may help you decide. Do you know how much you spend on print? Print is a major expense for many businesses, and it’s estimated that close to 90% don’t know how much they…

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4 Benefits of Partnering with a Managed Print Services Provider

Is your in-house IT department spending too much time dealing with non-technical tasks such as troubleshooting a printer? It’s estimated that 40 to 60 percent of IT help desk calls are print related. This means that your IT staff is not able to give their full attention to mission critical priorities, such as revenue generation, customer acquisition and driving…

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Improve Workflow with MPS

The term “workflow” refers to the combination of resources and tasks that it takes to complete a process. When it comes to improving the workflow in your office, Managed Print Services (MPS) can boost efficiency and productivity in this area. A Managed Print Services provider can assess your company’s current print environment and identify any equipment…

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How Can “Cloud” Technology Help Your Business?

Cloud technology has swept the business world, offering SMB owners the opportunity to store, manage and retrieve information securely and easily, while freeing up valuable resources for other endeavors. While the technology itself isn’t new, the applications and speed with which it is finding its way into every aspect of business is. Companies are finding…

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Big Data & MPS – How Your Business Can Benefit?

There is a really big term being tossed around the business world these days and it’s called Big Data. You’ll read about it on blogs and in business journals with the same frenzy given to earlier technology shifts, including social media, SEO, and cloud computing. But is Big Data truly the next big thing for…

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Do You Know the True Cost of Printing?

The cost of printing and maintaining a printer system is widely under estimated.  If you paused to think about the amount of money you spend on toner, paper, electricity, maintenance and then the percentage of salary that you are paying employees to stand idly waiting for a printer to spit out their files.  When you…

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