How Do You Know If MPS Is Right For You?

Have you been considering Managed Print Services for your business? If you’ve been wondering if you should invest in MPS, these questions may help you decide.

Do you know how much you spend on print?

Print is a major expense for many businesses, and it’s estimated that close to 90% don’t know how much they spend on print. There are a variety of factors to consider including your device costs, supplies, maintenance, employee time, downtime and efficiency. These costs can quickly add up.

An MPS provider can conduct a print assessment so you’ll gain a clear picture as to where exactly your money is going. They can make your costs predictable by combining them into one fixed monthly rate. 

Do you have a print strategy?

If you don’t have a print strategy – and many companies don’t – you’re probably not effectively managing your print environment. A print strategy can include monitoring and management ideas that can reduce your expenses dramatically. A Managed Print Services provider can help set up a print strategy so you can realize these benefits.

Do you need better security?

In today’s world, network security needs to be a top priority. An MPS provider has the expertise in printer security to keep your printers – and your network – secure. This can also help you maintain regulatory compliance more easily.

Are you looking for ways to save time and money?

What company isn’t looking to cut costs and improve efficiency? A Managed Print provider can reduce your costs by as much as 30%, making it a good investment for many businesses. At the same time, by taking print management off your hands, they can also help improve efficiency. By improving workflows, consolidating vendors, automatically refilling supplies, and tracking usage an MPS provider can offer a wide variety of benefits to companies large and small.

Managed Print is becoming increasingly popular because it helps companies get their print environments under control. If it sounds right for you, contact us at Hughes Office Equipment and let’s start the discussion!


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