Inkjet Printers: The Good, The Bad and the Costly

If you go by the price tag alone, an inkjet printer looks like a great deal. After all, major manufacturers sell desktop models for as little as $50 and even some more sophisticated models suitable for a small office don’t exceed around $200.

These affordable devices are also typically easy to set up and run. They don’t take up much space, and their print quality is dependable.

But what kind of a deal are you really getting?

The purchase price is just the cost of entry. When you add up what it actually costs to run the inkjet printer, it could cause some sticker shock!

It’s the ink, not the printer

Just as the true cost of getting a good shave isn’t in the razor – it’s in those pricy razor blades – the ink cartridges that drive everyday and specialty printing compound your costs dramatically.

  • “The general rule of thumb is that the cheaper the printer, the more expensive the disposable costs for refills and so on,” Jeremy Shulman of ReInk Technology told Small Business Computing.
  • “I became a serial re-filler when I realized that my printer’s ink cartridges cost more per milliliter than human blood or Russian caviar,” said PC World’s Jeff Bertolucci.

And of course, the more you print, the faster the cartridge bills stack up. In fact, certain black and color cartridges can cost more than the printer itself! (It’s no coincidence that ink is referred to as “black gold.”)

What’s the answer?

Refilling ink cartridges is a time-consuming and messy proposition. Buying new inkjet printer cartridges is just plain expensive – not to mention the risk of downtime if you don’t replace them before the ink runs too low.

Let an expert help

You are not alone in your quest to get the best-quality print from your fleet at the lowest possible cost. By partnering with a managed print services (MPS) provider, you will have access to expertise that leads to a customized solution for your environment.

An MPS expert will assess:

  • The current costs of your inkjet printers and other print/copy devices
  • The print habits of your staff – implementing print rules
  • Real vs. perceived print needs
  • Whether a transition to a more digital solution can save you time and money

With a managed print services solution, your print fleet is monitored consistently, so small issues are addressed before they become big problems.

  • You’ll never again find your office low on ink, toner, paper or other supplies.
  • Your users can learn new ways to save material
  • Your solution will better fit the mobile work environment, helping keep you efficient even when your staff, colleagues, vendors, clients and other stakeholders are remotely located.

Stay savvy on your print costs
From costly cartridges to possible down time; your inkjet printers are costing you. Maybe now is the time to review what many experts say is an office operating expense that rivals utilities and your corporate mobile phone bill – printing

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