The 5 Questions to Choosing a Managed Print Provider

When it comes to technology you may find that you feel like you have more questions than answers.  One area in which this can occur particularly frequently is with your printer or, if you are a large company, fleet of printers.

Here are five key questions – with answers to boot – that should shed some new light on printer quandaries.

1)    How will MPS programs save money?

Right away it should become clear that not only do MPS programs help to manage your machines, but also they are responsible for streamlining office costs simply through helping to improve and maintain efficiency.  The focus should be on processes that synchronize all printing machines as well as keeping hardware and technology regularly.   When you are shopping around for an MPS make sure you ask questions about cost – how much it will cost to implement the program, how much upgrades and maintenance will cost annually and, finally, where costs will be reduced.

2)    What do you need and who will give it to you?

When you go shopping do you buy the first product you see – or do you look around at a few different stores, compare prices, products, and benefits?  Chances are you take a tour of the aisles before you commit to your purchase.  The same logic should be applied to your MPS investment.  Ask thorough questions and choose a company that suits your needs and will be something that will work for the long term rather than needing to change in a year or two.

3)    What are the benefits of MPS?

Managing and maintaining your printer fleet can be an expensive and time consuming under-taking for your office.  By investing in MPS you are opening the door to informed opinions, up-to-date information, and, of course, tech support.  If the MPS Company you are considering isn’t giving you suggestions and innovative ideas…it’s time to look elsewhere.

4)    What support services do MPS provide?

Always make sure you establish with your MPS provider exactly what support services they will be providing to you.  The MPS Company should work collaboratively with your company and should be as informative as they are supportive.

5)    How complementary is MPS with mobile printing?

Last, but not least, it is important to think ahead and think about how your company is probably becoming more and more reliant on their mobile devices, which means that your printing services should reflect that change.  Your MPS provider should conduct a full assessment of your office IT needs and developments and provide a comprehensive plan year by year in order to meet your goals and improve your printer service.

These questions provide a good base from which to evaluate all the different MPS services.  More than anything the MPS provider you choose should be able to grow with you and your company through providing plans that meet a goal oriented approach to your tech and IT needs.

It’s now time to go ahead and start browsing around for your perfect MPS fit – ask your questions and make sure that the provider you choose provides you with a plan, goals, and answers to all your questions that leave you feeling satisfied and comfortable with your final choice.
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