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Business models are changing all the time. In these challenging economic times many companies are exploring exciting new ways to improve productivity and workflow. More workers are telecommuting and working via mobile technology than ever before. Document management and workflow is one area of the office that has experienced rapid change in recent years. One major improvement in the creation, management, distribution and approval of documents that has helped many companies to streamline the process and increase office efficiency is the easy to use software DocuShare.

Key Features

DocuShare is an all in one workflow management solution that can streamline all aspects of document creation. Here are some key features to consider:

• DocuShare supports all types of files, emails, scanned documents, text and graphics

• Documents can be indexed allowing for quick searching and retrieval

• Multi level security is available including SSL encryption, HIPPA compliant password protection, and individual audit logs,

• Support for collaboration has been enhanced and includes automatic routing of content, Management via the web, and email management

• Increased management of content is available on all levels. Content check in and check out, searching and indexing is open on the metadata and full text levels, and control over archiving and content expiration can be monitored.

All of these features work together to create a collaborative environment for your employees, whether they are working in the office, from home or on the road. This leads to much faster turnaround times for critical documents and increased productivity.

The Many Benefits Of Document Management Software 

Greatly increased productivity is only one of the benefits offered by using document management software. Your company will use less paper and toner as documents that used to be printed and passed can now be completely created, edited, approved and delivered digitally without printing. This goes a long way towards reducing your company’s carbon footprint and moving your business towards more environmental sustainability.

Employee time spent searching for information can be reduced by up to 80% as business processes that used to take days, now only take minutes! Enhanced security features make your documents safer, reduce risk and allows for improved control over vital information.

Two of the greatest benefits of this technology affect your customers and employees. Customer satisfaction will soar as their information is quickly processed. Your employee’s efficiency and morale will increase, as more work will get done faster and easier than ever before.  And finally, as the business owner you will see a reduction in your overhead and labor costs. The classic win-win-win scenario!

As your company begins to take control of your document management and improve your workflow, you will see reduced costs, increased productivity, tighter security controls of vital information, and enhanced workflow.  The benefits will flow through to your company’s bottom line and customer satisfaction will increase. It’s a smart business decision.

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