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5 Tips to Going Paperless

Paper is still a mainstay in business and has long been the regulatory standard. But technology is changing that, and with rapid advances a paperless office can be a reality for many businesses. Here are some tips will help you get started: Assess your current paper use. By determining where, and how, you use paper,…

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Key Ways Scanning Can Help Streamline Business Processes

While most people understand that their multifunction printer offers scanning capabilities, they don’t use the machine to its fullest potential. Scanning can do wonders to improve your business processes; here are four benefits that you can realize from using the scanner in your workplace: Scanning to Email – Save your employees the hassle of waiting around for fax…

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Why businesses haven't been going paperless, Hughes Xero

Why Business Still Hasn’t Gone “Paperless”

Walk into any office and you’re sure to see piles of paper everywhere. When technology first became mainstream, we were all told of the paperless office of the future. Well, the future is here and technology has changed the way we all conduct business, but we’re still using paper in our day-to-day business operations. The…

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Printing & Office Productivity = Xerox ConnectKey™

When it comes to increasing workplace productivity, your printing environment is one of the first areas of the company to investigate. There are many tools available to help make printing faster and easier, but the first solution you should consider for improving your entire printing environment is ConnectKey™. Offered by Xerox, ConnectKey™ is an innovative…

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How Your Law Office Could Benefit From Managed Print

As a member of the legal industry, you know the many challenges that law firms, large and small, face in increasing their bottom line. If you are like many successful Managing Partners or small firm owners, you’ve already invested time and resources in efforts to: Maximize billable hours Increase speed to market Decrease documents costs,…

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