How Your Law Office Could Benefit From Managed Print

As a member of the legal industry, you know the many challenges that law firms, large and small, face in increasing their bottom line. If you are like many successful Managing Partners or small firm owners, you’ve already invested time and resources in efforts to:

  • Maximize billable hours
  • Increase speed to market
  • Decrease documents costs, and more

Recent research has shown that many of today’s businesses—including law firms—can spend up to 3% or more of their revenue on toner and print related expenses for document output. Additionally, they can spend up to 30% on print supplies and repair to their output devices.  These three items: 1) document output, 2) toner supplies, and 3) repairs- can be hidden costs of operation that too many people in charge of IT may simply overlook or are completely unaware of.

Controlling printing costs begins with knowing the number of output devices in your organization.

Knowing how many machines you have in your firm is the place to start when managing what you spend on producing your documents each year.  For each device, there are different costs involved from different departments. For example, IT usually handles the repair of equipment, while other individuals in your organization usually handle service and toner supplies. And someone else entirely is probably in control of acquiring output devices—probably without really considering its end-use or cost of ownership between various different devices.

Knowing how many people can impact the cost associated with each device, means you need to not only know how many devices you actually have, but how many you actually need. Is there a way to consolidate devices to ones that have multifunctional use?

The answer is yes. Multifunction printing is possible.

You’ll be glad to know that it is possible to consolidate the functionality of many of your costly output devices into one easier to manage, more affordable device that is referred to as a Multifunction Printer (MFP).

A Multifunction Printer is your best chance to not only address toner and output costs, but also all of the challenges mentioned at the start. By giving you more productivity, an MFP can increase your billable hours, and your profit. Productivity is also necessary to increasing your speed to market. And last, a Multifunction Printer is the best way to keep your eye on all the toner and output costs your firm is responsible for each month.

What makes a Multifunction Printer the holy grail of productivity and affordability?

An MFP can:

  • Offer all of the features found in more expensive copiers
  • Improve the workflow. An MFP can be positioned closer to the team that needs it for improved workflow.
  • Provide scanning capabilities so that individuals in your firm can simply scan documents to an email or to a folder on your network. Your office will be paperless in no time!
  • Reduce the print assets your employees need per office—sometimes as much as half or more.

Your law firm might have a central area for copying, scanning, faxing and the like. Just imagine the speed and productivity teams will have when they have an MPF in their own area.

In conclusion:

To get better control over output costs—and a better bottom line—know your output devices. Consider consolidating features into one device and then placing those devices in closer proximity to end-users. A mix of both single function and multi function printers and devices may be necessary, but it’s worth considering how such a mix can save you in both toner costs and repairs while greatly increasing productivity in your firm.

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