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Advances in technology have created an explosion of information. You’re bombarded with it in your emails, through social media, on your personal tablet and your smart phone. It’s how you stay in touch and it’s increasingly how you conduct business from where ever you are whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the road. As more employees adopt the BYOD (bring your own device) work ethic in the office, and more companies make the switch to multi-function printer technology, data and print security is becoming a critical issue.

Xerox has recently launched a new product called ConnectKey that addresses the issue of workplace security in this new office environment.

ConnectKey: Always on Guard

Sensitive information like salary, personal and health information needs to remain confidential in the workplace. ConnectKey technology is an MFP solution that addresses the issue of printer security in the workplace. It features McAfee technology integration and the result is the first line-up of multifunction printers that are protected from outside threats. It allows users to initiate a secure print job from their desk then swipe their personal ID card at the printer that then unlocks and prints the file. If the user’s card isn’t swiped in a set amount of time, ConnectKey has an auto delete function that removes the file from the print queue. As an additional layer of security, all jobs are stored on an encrypted hard drive that automatically scrubs the job after printing. To prevent a computer virus infection, the software also stores a white list of accepted applications.

If your company uses a managed print services company, Xerox offers an MPS toolset and McAfee e-policy that integrates seamlessly with the program and allows tracking and monitoring of all print jobs. Automatic Cisco TrustSec ID Services engine integration provides comprehensive visibility of all MFP endpoints to help enforce security policies and compliance.

Additional Features

ConnectKey offers the highest levels of security and a great feature set including:

  • McAfee Security that is new and exclusive to Xerox
  • Hard Disc Override that is Legal Industry DoD (Department of Defense) compliant using SSL encryption
  • Access Printing via code or access card
  • Software verification meets CCC Federal Government approved standards
  • Tracking of users for record keeping purposes, but not content for    privacy
  • Safe to scan to Gmail and Yahoo for SMB’s without corporate email
  • Cisco TrustSec guards the path to the device
  • HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, and Hitech act compliance

Xerox ConnectKey is truly a complete solution for print environment security.

As workplace technology continues to advance and evolve, maintaining the security of your company’s important documents becomes more important. Instituting policies to insure secure printing is a smart business decision. Xerox ConnectKey technology is an affordable solution that will give you both security and peace of mind.

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