Easily Upgrade Office Security, Compliance and Productivity

Who would have thought that a printing company would have such an impact on business productivity?

Xerox has made the paradigm shift to a leading edge productivity and efficiency provider with the introduction of its ConnectKey series of products.  This innovation comes from a hard line focus on business issues and how to make the most out of standard office processes to reduce costs, increase productivity, and help the environment.

The ConnectKey series includes multi-function printers (MFP’s) as well as multi-function electronic devices (MFE’s) that have imbedded software built around industry leading standards for security, compliance, productivity and green energy initiatives.

Just a few of the Xerox ConnectKey series features include:

McAfee Security – block unwanted viruses and intrusions through this exciting partnership with the premier virus protection software provider.

Safe printing – the ability to utilize access code based printing or you can use access-card based printing is available.

Encryption – securely store, print, and override documents using SSL encryption and hard disk override capabilities that are compliant with the legal industry as well as the Department of Defense.

Auditing – you can track usage by user, date, time and more without the worry of exposing the content of documents.

Compliance – meets virtually all compliance standards including HIPAA HiTech, Sarbanes Oxley and more.

Energy – with the Cisco EarthWise monitor you can better manage energy consumption, plus the devices are Energy Star compliant for optimal energy use.

Management – you IT and network administrators will have an easy job with centralized device management capabilities.  This provides remote diagnostics and repair options as well as remote monitoring and performance management.

Time – significant productivity gains can be made with emails when jobs are completed, fax-to-email routing options, scan-to-PC services for single or double sided documents, and very easy maintenance with customer replaceable items.

Money – restrict your printing services based around department, user, business hours or the type of print job.  Compatibility is available for various network accounting packages including Pcounter, Ysoft and Equitrac.  Default your print jobs to the lease costly and most efficient such as double-sided draft for email documents.

Mobility – for users who need access to multiple printers depending on their location, added intelligence is available to automatically detect the closest available printer to use. Also Xerox ConnectKey is compatible with Apple Airprint and coming soon Wi-Fi printing options.

These innovative products are expected to change the game of office productivity and efficiency.  The Xerox ConnectKey series is a new evolution in the way of thinking for business office environments.

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