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Do You Know About the Many Capabilities Your MFP Offers?

Today’s multifunction devices can be a big investment. To get the best ROI, it’s important to take stock of all the features and functionality your MFP provides. Is your team utilizing all of the features your multifunction printer offers? Let’s look at three types of MFPs and some of their underutilized features. Types of Multifunction Print…

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5 Tips to Going Paperless

Paper is still a mainstay in business and has long been the regulatory standard. But technology is changing that, and with rapid advances a paperless office can be a reality for many businesses. Here are some tips will help you get started: Assess your current paper use. By determining where, and how, you use paper,…

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Cut Costs With Your Scanner

In today’s competitive market, every business is looking for ways to cut costs while increasing productivity. It can be a tall order, but you need look no further than your print environment to uncover significant savings. If you expand your understanding of what a scanner is, and what it can do, you can cut print costs significantly.…

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Multifunction vs. Multitasking Print Device- Where’s the Distinction?

Decifering between Multifunction and Multitasking print devices isn’t easy, albeit not impossible. Comparatively, picking white over eggshell paint for your kitchen. The world of MFPs is as difficult to navigate as interior designer colours—and like those colours, most MFPs look exactly the same. And, not only do the units physically look the same, they also perform the…

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