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Xerox ConnectKey provides small-to-medium sized businesses with the ideal multifunction printer solution, helping to simplify the task at hand, boost productivity, and control costs. While there are a number of benefits to utilizing this technology, we wanted to take a moment to highlight the environmental sustainability aspect.

Compatible with EnergyWise
Xerox is a charter partner of the International ENERGY STAR program, and the company is committed to designing technology that offers increased functionality while using less energy. The ConnectKey cloud-based multifunction printer in particular is compatible with energy management solutions such as Cisco’s popular EnergyWise technology, which offers large-scale energy reductions to companies by monitoring how much energy your devices are using. By being more aware of your energy utilization levels and making adjustments when necessary, this technology can help your business to be more profitable too.

Earth Smart Printing
ConnectKey also enables users to establish Earth Smart printing rules such as prohibiting single sided printing and resource consuming jobs to help cut down on waste. These printing rules will offer cost savings on paper, toner, and power, which ultimately will positively impact your bottom line. To help you stay on pace with your green friendly printing rules, ConnectKey offers a “green meter” feature to make you aware of when you are meeting your sustainability goals in regards to printing.

ColorQube Solid Ink Technology
Another environmentally friendly feature that ConnectKey offers is its ColorQube solid ink technology. Not only does this solution offer color printing for the cost of black and white printing, but also can reduce the amount of waste produced by up to 90 percent. In general, solid inks are easier to work with and require significantly less packaging.

Energy Efficient LED Printing
ConnectKey sets itself apart from other multifunction printing solutions by utilizing energy efficient LED printing, which uses approximately one third of the power that traditional Xenon lamps would use.

Xerox Recycling Program
To help cultivate a sustainable printing environment, ConnectKey solutions encourage businesses to take part in the Xerox recycling program to ensure that all recyclable recourses are discarded with the environment in mind. By taking part in this recycling program, your business can help prevent millions of pounds of waste from entering landfills. Since the initiative was launched 12 years ago, Xerox and its customers have recycled more than 143 million pounds of cartridges, bottles, and waste toner.

In summary, for those looking for a way to “go green” while cutting costs and increasing efficiency, a ConnectKey multi-function printer could be the ideal solution for your business. By cutting down on energy usage and waste while boosting productivity within the organization, it’s certainly something worth looking into.

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