How to Simplify Office Processes

The office print environment has seen major improvements in the past several years. Today’s multifunction printers offer more functionality with a much smaller footprint. It’s now possible to replace an entire room of machines with a single device. This saves your company time and money and allows you to focus on growing your core business.

All MFP’s are not created equally. When choosing an MFP, there are several important items to take into consideration before signing a contract. At the top of the list are convenience and ease of use. Xerox understands the way business works and have brought MFP technology to the next level with their new solution called ConnectKey.

It’s changing the way work gets done and revolutionizing the office print environment!

MFP’s Simplify Your Print Environment

You may have already made the smart business decision to invest in a multifunction printer. As your workforce adapts to the new trends of working in the cloud and BYOD (bring your own device), your MFP needs to adapt to these new ways of working.

CoonectKey allows your MFP to easily adapt to new trends in the workplace. It offers more than the usual print, scan, fax and copy functions found on all MFP’s.  With ConnectKey, your MFP becomes a multi function hub for all of your employees. ConnectKey allows you to print from anywhere with its advanced mobile print capabilities. Documents can be scanned in the office and uploaded to the cloud for collaboration. Custom applications can be developed to adapt your printer to your personal work style with easy to use developers tools.

Mobile Connectivity

As more business takes place online, cloud use is increasing. Many company’s are already doing business through the cloud with mobile employee’s connecting through their smartphones and tablets from the road. ConnectKey allows your team to print directly to your MFP, in the home office, from anywhere at anytime. This flexibility can streamline your order process as orders can be directly sent to fulfillment. This can save your company both time and money. Time sensitive documents can be edited, revised, emailed or printed from any location directly to your ConnectKey enabled MFP from any device.

Ease of Use

ConnectKey is completely adaptable to your office work style and offers enhanced security, flexibility and many convenient time saving features. Contracts can be scanned, loaded from the cloud and then organized on individual desktops throughout your organization, all directly from your MFP. The fax forward option is designed to be a true paperless solution. This can increase your company’s productivity and sustainability with the cost savings going directly to your bottom line. All of your office data is also fully searchable by either item, or keyword.

24/7 Tech Support

The onboard control panel means help is always available. This feature allows tech support to connect directly with the printer and the user remotely from their desk. It also allows your tech team to remotely handle upgrades and perform service. That means fewer service calls and more savings. If your in-house tech team is unavailable, Xerox offers online support directly from the control panel.

With ConnectKey, Xerox has brought MFP technology to the next level of convenience. It offers reliability, ease of use, and can be customized for the way your office functions. Enhanced security means your data is safe whether you’re working from home, the road or in the office. It’s completely compatible with all mobile devices and OS and its enhanced wireless connectivity makes it easy to set-up anywhere. The bottom line, ConnectKey makes managing your office print environment easier than ever before.

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