How Secure are the Digital Printers in Your Office?

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As your business grows, there are ever increasing demands on your time, attention and resources. One area often overlooked is the security of your digital copiers and multi-function printers (MFP’s). As business becomes more mobile and digital printing by your mobile workforce becomes more prevalent, it becomes vitally important to address the security of your printing and imaging environment.

There are potential risks that could impact your company from simple identity theft to potential litigation or the loss of your credibility that need to be addressed. A recent study from Columbia University found that printers are vulnerable to threats that could result in the loss of personal and corporate data and proprietary information. Many systems in your business that perform multiple functions allow the potential for information used and shared during regular business hours to be exposed to threats both internally and externally.

Common areas of vulnerability include:
• Scanners
• Fax ports
• Hard Drives
• Internet and Internal Network Connections

Information being intercepted is only one risk to consider. Hard copies of documents left in the machine can also get into the wrong hands. Hard drives can also be compromised. Often the hard drive on your MFP or digital copier will store images and information from printed documents. This can result in sensitive corporate or personal information being accessed.

How to Protect Your Company’s Sensitive Information?

There are steps that you can take to help protect your information from getting into the wrong hands. There are currently two primary methods available for protecting MFPs in today’s market.

• Single Sub System Security – Individual components are secured. Hard drives are encrypted or subject to data overwrite or data wipe technology. This is usually an added option offered when purchasing or leasing your MFP.
• Full System Security – This option offers full protection for your entire system. It is generally embedded and comes with the system. This is not sold as an option.

If security is important to you and your business then you may want to look for a system that has been awarded Common Criteria Certification. This is a rigorous and costly testing process that requires a company’s system meets and exceeds strict security standards.

Have you taken steps to address your company’s print environment security needs? Your company’s life may depend on it. Addressing security is an important business decision that pays dividends in the long run and will give you peace of mind.

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