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Is It Time To Replace Your Printer? Here Are Some Clues, Hughes Office Equipment

Is It Time To Replace Your Printer? Here Are Some Clues.

If you’re like most business owners you spend your time running your business not thinking about your print environment. That is, until there’s a problem. But the fact is, if you’re working with outdated technology you could be leaving cost-cutting, productivity-boosting options on the table. Even worse, you could be opening your company up to security issues.…

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Multifunction vs. Multitasking Print Device- Where’s the Distinction?

Decifering between Multifunction and Multitasking print devices isn’t easy, albeit not impossible. Comparatively, picking white over eggshell paint for your kitchen. The world of MFPs is as difficult to navigate as interior designer colours—and like those colours, most MFPs look exactly the same. And, not only do the units physically look the same, they also perform the…

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