How to Choose a Digital Copier Service Agreement 6 Things to Consider

Selecting the perfect digital MFP for your organization is only the first step in getting the most out of your new Xerox equipment. Deciding to buy a vital new piece of equipment also means having a plan for how to service it so that you can work at peak efficiency.

You’re previous experience with servicing a valuable purchase probably comes from purchasing or leasing a vehicle. From this experience you know that the right service agreement can be as important as buying the right car.. The same is true when purchasing your digital copiers and printers. Keeping this in mind, it is important that you know what to look for in a service agreement and you understand what your service agreement includes once you’ve made your purchase.  For example, did you know that in many cases, service agreements are renewed on an annual basis AND are subject to change without notifying the customer? Avoiding surprises like this is why you should take the time to read your service agreement carefully.

Are you worried about getting the right service? To make sure you do, we have prepared a guide to the important service considerations to look for when you purchase or lease your new digital MFP.

  1. Warranty: This is usually the first thing buyers think of when they hear the phrase “service agreement.” While knowing the length of the warranty that comes with your equipment is important, knowing who will make the decision to replace your system can also be vital. For example, do you know if the customer or the supplier will decide whether or not a faulty system needs to be replaced under your warranty? You should!
  2. Parts & Supplies: Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts and supplies can make a big difference in getting the most from your new MFP. Sometimes the use of aftermarket or knock-off parts and supplies can void or negate any manufacturer warranties or product guaranties. Since you want to preserve your service agreement, be sure to ask about genuine parts & supplies.
  3. Service Credits: These expenses related to test copies or prints can quickly add up, especially when using a color system. You should know whether service credits will cover these costs.
  4. Software Upgrades & Retrofits: Rapid advances in technology have made ongoing upgrades and retrofits increasingly necessary. However, there has also been a movement in the industry with some companies charging for upgrades or retrofits required for the system by calling it a “system overhaul.” If you plan on keeping your MFP for a long time, it is best to avoid agreements that charge for upgrades in this way.
  5. Remote Diagnostic Capability: Some new MFP’s can have their status and usage monitored remotely, making them easier to manage and service. It’s a good idea to verify that your new MFP has this feature.
  6. 24 Hour Toll Free Technical Support: Many problems with new MFP’s can be fixed over the phone without dispatching a technician to troubleshoot the problem. Check your service aagreement for this support – it may save you time and let you get more from your MFP.

These six points are important ones to consider when purchasing a new MFP for your office. Be sure to know what is and is not included in your service agreement and related warranty,nd if the terms apply for the life of the equipment. Speak with the service providers to make sure you get exactly the coverage you need.

Is there anything we left out? Do you have any tips to share about considering all aspects of the service agreement when purchasing a new MFP? We’d like to hear your thoughts about the important parts of your service agreement – please share them!

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