Office Print Assessment Findings – Filling in the Knowledge Gaps

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Ever since assembly line was mastered by Henry Ford a century ago, businesses have sought to rationalize all of their processes, maximizing output while minimizing costs.  Modern multinationals are prime examples of this. Nike goes so far as to break down their manufacturing steps into microseconds in order to maximize productivity and minimize costs.

This micromanaging approach to business means that the term “business as usual” no longer applies, because business is changing and improving almost daily. Modern businesses ideally monitor, inspect and track every aspect of their operations, from company cell phone usage and long distance, to mail/freight/shipping charges and company expenses. All of this is done in an effort to maximize productivity and minimize costs. You’re company is likely doing this already, as is your competition.
Are you one of the businesses not tracking your office printing?

When we engaged our customers in a survey of potential SMB candidates for our office print assessment services, our findings were consistent across the board. We learned that:

  1. Many Customers Don’t Know How Many Printers They Have on Their Network
    We studied participating clients’ networks, and learned that most were not aware of their printing capacity. One customer, for example, said they only had 9 printers, but, in reality had 22 printers, from 4 different vendors. These results weren’t unusual.If you don’t know how many printers you have and which you they use, you will completely miss out on some savings, such as bulk discounts. Multiple vendors also mean multiple invoices and shipping orders, which cost you time and money. Do you know how much processing an invoice costs your company?
  2. May Don’t Know Much They Are Spending on Printing- And Can’t Find Out.
    Most of the customers surveyed did not know how much they are spending annually on printing, and don’t even have a system to reliably track their spending. Additionally, they may not know that different print cartridges have different yields, which affects the overall cost. Finally, they may not know how the servicing costs on their multiple systems are affecting their bottom line.
  3. Many Don’t Have Clear Office Printing Rules to Control Usage
    Without clear, formal office printing rules, companies cannot regulate who is printing what or how much individuals and departments are printing in a given time. For example, costs from a lack of color printing rules alone quickly add up, since color printing costs can range anywhere from $.07 to $.50 per page or in the case of ink jet even higher – to say nothing of black & white printing costs. All of these can obviously add up if rules aren’t in place.With a rules-based printing policy, however, companies can assert control over their printing and budget by controlling who can print what, and where and how they can print it.

Rules-Based Printing
Rules-based printing is all about empowers your company with knowledge of your operations, harnessing that knowledge for increased efficiency and reduced costs. With rules-based printing your office can effectively route larger jobs to a suitable print device, restrict color to specific departments or employees, and set money-saving defaults such as automatic 2-sided Black & White printing of emails, avoiding unnecessary page and color usage.

Office Print Assessment
To determine how much your business stands to gain—from a rules-based printing environment, you need to identify cost-control opportunities. To make this happen, you need an office print assessment. With a print assessment your company take advantage of technology programs like a Managed Print program—which is designed to help businesses get a firm grip on their printing environment, saving money while improving overall workflows. As we said at the outset, “business as usual” doesn’t really exist anymore, so you need your print environment to reflect the need for constant improvement.

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