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Printer Tips to Enhance Productivity and Performance

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Nothing can slow down office operations quicker than a printer that is underperforming or malfunctioning. Printer delays or backlogs can be frustrating, but most issues can be remedied in just a few simple steps. Here is a list of the top printer snafus and tips on what to do when you encounter them.

Slow Printing

Delayed or slow print times can affect productivity and your bottom line. Causes and solutions may include:

  • High-resolution setting – High-resolution images use more data and take more time to process. Consider reducing the resolution to save time when print quality is less important.
  • Insufficient memory – If you routinely process large print files, consider upgrading the memory to increase print speed.
  • Choice of drivers – Choosing the right driver can make a big difference. Select PCL for faster printing or PostScript for graphics.

Paper Jams

Paper jams are inevitable, but knowing how to clear them efficiently can help to streamline your office workflow:

  • Check the manual – Read the user guide or check the integrated control panel for instructions on clearing a jam, making sure to remove the paper straight and being careful not to tear it.
  • Re-adjust the tray – Check to ensure the paper and tray are aligned correctly and square to the paper intake.
  • Consider the paper – Frequent jams may be caused by using the wrong type of paper or by improperly storing paper in an area where moisture may impede the travel of paper through the printer.

Poor Print Quality

If your printer works but the print quality is subpar, documents can appear unprofessional. Fixes include:

  • Check the driver to ensure the settings are accurate
  • Check that the paper in the tray matches the paper selection on the driver
  • Check for damage on toner cartridges, fuser, and imaging unit(s)

Printer Not Printing

If the printer is on but won’t print your documents, check the following:

  • Ensure you sent the print job to the correct printer
  • Check the stock of paper in the input tray
  • Make sure all cables are secure and the printer is on
  • Try restarting the printer

Printer is Outdated 

Consider updating your aging or outdated printers to take advantage of the latest features and technology, save money on the cost of maintenance and repairs, and increase productivity and document workflow.

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