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How to Reduce Your Printing Costs | Hughes Office Equipment

How to Reduce Your Printing Costs

Did you know that for many companies printing can cost up to 3% of annual revenues? Yet 90% of businesses don’t have any print controls or monitor their print costs. In fact, for many businesses, the print environment is the last unaudited department. Taking some simple steps can help to keep your print costs under…

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Should You Buy or Lease Equipment? | Hughes Office Equipment

Should You Buy or Lease Equipment?

With today’s rapidly changing technology, it can seem impossible to keep your office equipment up-to-date. Small business, with small budgets, must decide if it’s worth the expense to upgrade. However, many pieces of office equipment can be leased instead of bought. But how do you know if that’s the right option for your business? Overall…

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Office Print Assessment Findings – Filling in the Knowledge Gaps

Ever since assembly line was mastered by Henry Ford a century ago, businesses have sought to rationalize all of their processes, maximizing output while minimizing costs.  Modern multinationals are prime examples of this. Nike goes so far as to break down their manufacturing steps into microseconds in order to maximize productivity and minimize costs. This…

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