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Sales Meeting Topics That Will Motivate Your Team

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How did your last sales meeting go? Was your team engaged, motivated?  Or did your team members walk away feeling like it was just another meeting. These meeting ideas can help inspire your team!

Review the Competition

How much does your team know about the competition? Assign each team member one of your competitors to research prior to your next sales meeting, and have them come prepared to present their findings. Encourage them to approach their research through the eyes of a customer, looking at the website, social media, promotions, and consumer reviews. Everyone will come out of the meeting knowing more about the competition – and what your company has to do to stay on top.

Sales Demos

A demonstration of your product can make or break a sale. The pacing, ability to ask and answer questions, and tailoring the demo to the client all make a difference. Assign team members a product to demo at the meeting and open discussions up for feedback. By watching other team members and getting constructive criticism, the entire team can improve their demo performance.

Objection Handling

Devote a meeting to practicing responses to resistance that might arise when making a sale. Acting as the customer, present each team member with an objection and ask them to respond. Work together to improve the responses so the whole team will benefit.

LinkedIn Review

LinkedIn is one of the most active sites for making important connections, so if your sales team isn’t active on LinkedIn, you may be missing out. During a meeting, review each member’s profile and activity, and discuss ways to beef up their presence on the site.


Reaching out to potential customers is an important skill to have. Test your team by creating a customer profile for a client your business would like to have. Provide each team member with the details and ask them to send you an email and voicemail as if you were the customer. At the next meeting, review as a team.

Sales meetings are a time to work on improving the team’s performance. Try these new twists on the sales meeting format and see how they inspire your team!

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