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The Surprising Benefits of Color Printing

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In the competitive world of business it’s a constant battle to stay ahead, find better ways and keep costs down. Often, simple solutions are overlooked in favor of newer and more complex ideas. However, color printing can make a huge impact on your business and should be considered a high priority.

Compelling Statistics

Research shows that printing business documents in color significantly improves customer comprehension and action. Studies have shown that printing in color:

  • Increases attention span and recall by 82%
  • Makes your message 39% more memorable
  • Increases readership of direct mail by 55%
  • Increases brand recognition by 80%

Other compelling reasons to print in color include an increase in comprehension, an easier time finding relevant information and an increase in calls when you print your phone number in color. Color printing can also dramatically affect the success of your marketing materials. With so many benefits, color printing should be considered a necessity for your business.

Affordable Solution 

Many people believe that color printing is more expensive and slower than their current print solution. For many businesses, color printing is outsourced to a print company and only used for a few very specific reasons.

However, newer machines and technology allow even small businesses to enjoy the benefits of color printing. Bringing these print jobs back in-house allows greater control, without increasing your costs or slowing down your print environment.  Closing the color gap means bringing small businesses onto a more level playing field with larger corporations.

Color printing offers many benefits including increased customer comprehension, motivation and retention. With affordable color print solutions, color printing can become an effective part of your office print strategy.


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