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Xerox Secure Print Features to Keep Your Data Safe

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Your printer can be one of the most vulnerable points on your network. Because they can be easily overlooked, many multifunction printers and wireless printers are unsecured, making them a perfect target for hackers looking to gain access to your data. However, with Xerox’s Secure Print features, your printer – and network – can stay safe.

Secure Print

With Xerox Secure Print, you can control the timing of your print, to prevent documents sitting unattended on the print tray where they could be seen or stolen. By entering a password when you’re ready to print, and the same password at the printer, your data is held safe until you’re there to pick it up.

Image Overwrite

Your MFP has a hard drive that stores your print data, which makes it an easy target for hackers. With Image Overwrite, this data is “shredded” using three separate passes to ensure your data is unusable. You can do this automatically, on-demand, or on a schedule, to make sure you don’t have sensitive data sitting on your printer drive for too long.


By encrypting your data, Xerox helps to keep it safe. If your data is intercepted, encryption makes it impossible for hackers to use, providing another layer of protection.

Access Control

Not every employee needs access to every function. By utilizing access control, certain functions can be made available only to authorized users. This helps make sure only specific users have access to sensitive data.

Removable Hard Drives

When your hard drive contains sensitive data, sometimes the safest thing to do is physically remove it when it’s unattended. Xerox makes it possible for a system administrator to quickly and easily remove the hard drive so it can be locked up for storage and peace of mind.

Network Security

Your network security is only as strong as you’re printer’s security, so Xerox printers use IP Filtering, SSL/TLS data encryption, digital certificates, and device authentication to make sure your printer is not the weak link in your network.

Xerox utilizes a number of security features to help keep your data safe at every step of the way. From network security to prevent unauthorized access to encryption to render your data useless even if a hacker does gain access, your data is protected. Many Xerox printers have Common Criteria Certification for additional peace of mind, security patches provide ongoing protection. With Secure Print features, Xerox prioritizes your network security.

Here at Hughes, we offer the full line of Xerox products. Give us a call and let us show you how Xerox Secure Print features can keep your data safe!


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