Maximize Your Print Environment With Our Printer Efficiency Checklist

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Your printer is a critical component of your business. Keeping it running at peak efficiency helps to control your costs and avoid waste. Research reveals that printer bottlenecks can cost you in both dollars and lost productivity.

Did you know…

  • The typical employee spends 22 minutes per day on print-related problems. That’s 91 hours per year that could be spent on mission-critical operations.
  • 23% of help desk calls are print related.
  • A service call can cost from $40 to $330. Two or three calls a month can significantly impact your budget.
  • Estimates show that for every $1 spent on toner and other supplies, companies spend an additional $9 to manage their print environment.

Regular maintenance helps your printer to operate efficiently. Here is a checklist to help you keep your printers and productivity optimized!

  • Properly Load Paper – Paper jams can waste your time, but the good news is they’re easily avoidable. Before loading paper, fan it to prevent sticking. Buying a good quality paper can deliver better results and reduce jams.
  • Automate Toner Replacement – Running out of toner in the middle of a project is frustrating. New printers let you know when toner is low and will send a request automatically for another cartridge before you run out.
  • Implement Print Monitoring – Every time a document is printed, a buying decision is being made. Print monitoring will give insight into who is printing, what they’re printing and how much they’re printing. This can help you to better control costs, and align devices based on usage to minimize downtime.
  • Shut Down the Printer After Hours – If it’s not being used, turn the printer off. Even in sleep mode printers use energy and release heat. Turning devices off at night and on weekends will not only extend their life, but you’ll also reduce your energy costs.
  • Train Your Team – To get the most from your devices, train your team on their features and functions. An educated user will increase the lifespan of the device.

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