Surprising Statistics About Print Costs

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Printing is an essential function for many businesses today. But, because print expenses are seen as simply a necessary part of business, they are often under scrutinized and mismanaged. Here are some statistics about printing costs that might surprise you.

Printing is expensive

Well, it may not surprise you that printing is expensive, but did you know that print costs could be as much as 15% of your annual revenue?  On average, printing costs between 5% and 15% of a company’s revenue per year, making it one of the top expenses for businesses. However, many businesses are unaware of this because …

Most companies don’t track printing costs.

In fact, as many as 90% of companies don’t track their print expenses. Because print is seen as a necessity, the associated costs seem unavoidable. However, without tracking your print costs, you could be spending money on unnecessary prints and missing out on ways to reduce your expenses.

Printing is taking up your IT team’s time.

Nearly a quarter of all help desk calls are print related. Spending time dealing with issues such as network connectivity and printer issues means your IT team is not using their time on more important, higher priority, functions. This is a misuse of their talents and your resources.

You could save as much as 30% with Managed Print Services.

Managed Print Services can change the way you spend on print. By providing support, supplies, maintenance, print audits, and other services, MPS can help you truly understand your print costs, and offer solutions to reduce them. By keeping your printers up and running and streamlining your workflows, MPS can save your business as much as 30% of your current print costs.

The fact that print is expensive isn’t surprising, but what that means for your bottom line may be. With print representing as much as 15% of your annual revenue, you can’t afford to ignore your print expenses. Managed Print Services can help reduce these costs by as much as 30%, while increasing your efficiency, freeing up your IT team, and providing a host of other benefits.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation print assessment and let us help you get your print costs under control.




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