Simple Steps to Prevent Malware Attacks

Malware, or malicious software, is used by hackers to gain access to your computer system and sensitive information. These types of cyber attacks can cripple your business and be expensive and time-consuming to recover from.

Your best defense against a malware attack is to prevent it from happening with security software and employee education. Here are some tips to help protect your business from these dangerous attacks:

1. Have a comprehensive security suite and keep it up to date – Malware can lurk anywhere – emails, texts, links, attachments, websites and advertisements. Protect your business by installing comprehensive security software that will scan emails, texts, links, block suspicious websites and alert you to any dangers. Threats are constantly evolving, so keep your software updated for maximum protection.

2. Employee education – One mistake can compromise your entire system. Every user should be instructed on safe Internet practices, including:

  • Scanning attachments before opening
  • Not downloading from unknown or untrusted sites
  • Not clicking suspicious looking links
  • Contacting the IT team at any sign of trouble

3. Verify emails and attachments – Often malware attacks are propagated by hacking into company email contacts and sending out unauthorized communications. This means you may receive an email from a trusted colleague that contains malware. If you receive an unexpected or suspicious looking email contact the sender personally to ensure that it was sent intentionally prior to opening it.

4. Limit network devices – Employees using their personal devices on the company network can expose your business to malware attacks. Only allow authorized devices to connect, and establish safe-use guidelines for employees using company devices off-site.

5. Train, and retrain employees – As devices, networks and threats evolve it’s important to keep all employees up to date on safe use practices. Periodic training will keep best practices fresh in the minds of all employees and ensure everyone understands the importance of responsible network use.

By taking these simple steps, you can drastically reduce your risk of becoming a victim of a malware attack. Malware attacks are difficult and expensive to recover from, making a good defence extremely important. Invest in security software and employee training to protect your network from attack.



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