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Boost Your Security with a Managed Document System, Hughes Xerographic

Boost Your Security with a Managed Document System

Data loss is a serious problem facing businesses today. From accidental loss to malicious attacks, compromised data can severely damage your company, making data security a paramount concern. Using a managed document system can provide a multi-layer approach to data security, supporting your company’s needs in addition to providing other benefits. Print Security Printing documents…

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3 Ways Printers Put Your Business at Risk

When it comes to accessing your network, hackers know where the weak spots are. More than half of companies don’t properly secure their printers, leaving an open door for criminals to enter the network, stealing data and leaving havoc in their wake. Simply put, printers are a hackers dream. Why are printers so vulnerable? Printers introduce…

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Document Security and the Multifunction Printer, Hughes Xerographic

Document Security and the Multifunction Printer

Security breaches are becoming commonplace these days, drawing attention to the vulnerabilities your business may have. However, when it comes to security, many businesses overlook the multifunction printer. Today’s MFPs are more than just printers; they’re fully-networked devices, open to hacking through your network just like any computer, and if not secured properly can be an easy…

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An Online "File Cabinet" Can Save You From Disaster, Hughes Xerographic,, Bellaire, OH

A Digital “File Cabinet” Can Save You From Disaster

Ask any library that houses rare, historical documents like old newspapers, letters or manuscripts – those paper copies don’t last forever. Paper is fragile, prone to rips, bends, fading and the ravages of disasters like fire or flood. Now consider all the paper residing in the typical SMB file cabinet (more likely cabinets, as companies…

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How Managed Print Services Can Help Your Non-Profit Organization, Hughes Xerographic, Bellaire, OH

How Managed Print Services Can Help Your Non-Profit Organization

The print demands of non-profit organizations are high, and this can sometimes create a conflict when it comes to cost cutting. The typical NPO often has a number of different print devices (often donated) spread throughout the office and very little understanding of their actual cost-per-page. Often print needs for NPOs run the gamut from…

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BYOD-medical practices

BYOD and the Medical Practice

“Bring your own device” (BYOD) to work is a popular and growing trend.  The medical community has embraced BYOD as more practices are implementing the use of Electronic Health Records (EHR). Using these devices has enhanced patient experience and quality of care, but many healthcare facilities don’t meet HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and…

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Simple Steps to Prevent Malware Attacks

Malware, or malicious software, is used by hackers to gain access to your computer system and sensitive information. These types of cyber attacks can cripple your business and be expensive and time-consuming to recover from. Your best defense against a malware attack is to prevent it from happening with security software and employee education. Here…

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Topics You Need to Cover in Your IT Security Policy

It’s a given that your employees are online at work – for professional, and often personal, reasons. But are they aware of what’s an acceptable use of the Internet? Do they realize the importance of a good password? Do they know how to respond in the event of a data breach? If your business doesn’t have…

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Six Best Practices for Creating a Strong Password

Attacks on computers and networks seem to be commonplace these days. Even some of the most secure systems we can think of have fallen victim—putting confidential and sensitive information at risk. Often a password is your strongest line of defense against a cyber attack. Here are six password best practices that apply not only to…

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Tips to protect your data

Tips to Protect Your Data

Every day we create new data. All too often, we don’t think about where that data goes, or how to protect it. Consider the recent breaches we’ve been hearing about like Target, Home Depot and Apple. Data security is a critical issue and it should be part of your business plan. If you’re not protecting…

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