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Boost Your Security with a Managed Document System

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Data loss is a serious problem facing businesses today. From accidental loss to malicious attacks, compromised data can severely damage your company, making data security a paramount concern. Using a managed document system can provide a multi-layer approach to data security, supporting your company’s needs in addition to providing other benefits.

Print Security

Printing documents can pose a major security risk. Data can be accessed by intercepting it on the network, or even just by taking papers off the printer tray. Managed document systems control print output in several ways that make printing more secure.

  • Data encryption techniques ensure that if your data is intercepted while be transferred over the network or stored on the printer, it will be useless to the thief.
  • User authentication can take several forms, including passcodes and swipe cards. It can be used in a secure release protocol that only allows authenticated users to access their printed document.
  • Print auditing can keep an automatic record of every print job. This helps ensure that print protocols are correctly followed, as well as make it easier to find the users involved if problems arise.

Secure Scanning

Digital documents are easier to protect than their paper counterparts. With encryption and authentication, you can limit access to only those employees who need the data for their job. With secure scanning, your documents can be automatically encrypted and routed to the appropriate people and folders, minimizing the risk of human error in this process.

File Management

Once your documents are digitized, they must be managed securely. Automated document workflows keep data moving through the job cycle, while notifying appropriate persons along the way to reduce data leaks while the document is being processed. Changes can be automatically tracked and saved, for a full picture of who accessed and changed the document throughout its history.

In addition to encryption and authentication techniques, file management can help protect you against data loss. Automatic backups to off-site or cloud servers can make data recovery easy regardless of the cause of your data loss.

In today’s digital world, cybercrimes are on the rise, making it essential for businesses to consider ways to protect their sensitive data. A managed document system can provide benefits including efficiency, cost control, and controlled access. It can also play an important role in your data security, protecting your information at every stage.


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