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Ask These Questions Of Your Cloud Provider, Hughes Office Equipment

Ask These Questions Of Your Cloud Provider

A cloud service provider is an important member of your business team. When vetting potential candidates consider security, privacy and operational capabilities. Be sure to do your due diligence and ask providers the right questions to make sure they’re a good fit for your company’s specific needs. Over 90% of companies claim to use some…

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What is Cloud Computing and How Will it Benefit Your Business?, Hughes Xerographic

What is Cloud Computing and How Will it Benefit Your Business?

As an SMB owner, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard about using ‘the cloud’ to enhance the way you conduct business. But, do you know how far reaching the benefits can be? The easiest way to explain the cloud is that it stores data and programs over the internet instead of on your computer’s hard drive.…

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Grow Your Business On The Cloud

Today, as more business migrates to the cloud, many business owners are still not sure what the cloud is, and how it can help them.  For users, improved customer service, creating new revenue streams, cost savings and scalability are all major benefits offered by the cloud. The fact is, if you have a yahoo mail account,…

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