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Today, as more business migrates to the cloud, many business owners are still not sure what the cloud is, and how it can help them.  For users, improved customer service, creating new revenue streams, cost savings and scalability are all major benefits offered by the cloud. The fact is, if you have a yahoo mail account, or stream music from Spotify you’re already enjoying the benefits of the cloud. These services allow you to access data and applications from a distant network in your home, office or mobile device via the Internet.

Let’s take a closer look at what the cloud is and some key ways you can use it to grow your business.

What Is The Cloud?

Cloud computing consists of a series of remote networked servers accessed by your local device via the Internet. Your company data and applications are stored on these servers.  Because of virtualization, you have the ability to scale your infrastructure up, or down remotely and instantly on an as needed basis.  This means that you can add employees, workstations, storage or bandwidth instantly at very little cost.  Cloud service providers set up, maintain and update hardware and software including applications and storage which is accessible for a small monthly fee. Because this infrastructure is hosted and maintained by the provider you have unlimited remote access 24/7/365 to your data and applications from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

Flexibility, Scalability and Power

Flexibility and scalability means you can quickly add services as needed, including applications. Here are five applications that begin to demonstrate the power of the cloud:

1. Sales Force – one of the leaders in CRM software for automating and managing all of your customer relations. This tool if utilized and deployed properly can increase the productivity of a sales team.

2. Drop Box – Drop box allows you to effortlessly store, sync and securely share data from any device.

3. Office 365 – Full suite of productivity, presentation and organizational tools remotely accessible from any device.

4. Cisco WebEx – Online video conferencing from anywhere on any device.

5. Survey Monkey – Instant market research. Create surveys online in minutes then view results in real time.

The cloud is a transformative technology that has changed the way business gets done. It’s time to consider migrating your IT infrastructure to the cloud. It’s a smart business decision that will help your business grow!

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