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What is Cloud Computing and How Will it Benefit Your Business?

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As an SMB owner, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard about using ‘the cloud’ to enhance the way you conduct business. But, do you know how far reaching the benefits can be?

The easiest way to explain the cloud is that it stores data and programs over the internet instead of on your computer’s hard drive. You can think of the cloud as being a metaphor for the Internet.

The cloud offers a number of advantages, and here are the key ways that cloud computing can benefit your business:

  1. Cost savings – There are numerous costs associated with maintaining servers, including maintenance costs, staffing costs, replacement costs and infrastructure costs. By moving to the cloud, your business can eliminate these costs as you won’t need to rely on your own servers anymore. Additional cost savings can be realized by using a “pay as you go” model that is typically offered by cloud service providers.
  1. Scalability – A key concern for a growing business is making sure that you have enough computing power and capacity to support the needs of your business. The cloud alleviates this concern as it expands as your business grows, allowing it to quickly respond to your organization’s needs.
  1. Accessibility – Because data and programs on the cloud are accessed via the Internet, your information is accessible from any location. If your company has employees that work remotely, being able to access files from any location will increase productivity, improve collaboration and lead to higher job satisfaction.
  1. Security – The cloud strengthens security in two key ways. First, because the cloud serves as the ultimate backup system with multiple backups and redundancies built into its data center, users benefit by having protection from hardware failure and file loss. Second, cloud users have a higher line of defense against hackers and cybercriminals through a team of security professionals who are up-to-date with the latest threat environment.

The way that you store your data matters, and the cloud will give your business a competitive edge.

It’s important to find a partner that is knowledgeable about cloud computing and how it can benefit your organization. Contact us to learn how moving to the cloud will allow you to take your business to the next level.



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