How Secure Is Your Data in the Cloud?

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Whether you’re already on the cloud wondering how to best use it, or you’re contemplating migrating there, one question looms large…. and that’s the question of data security. There are hundreds of articles on cloud security online, but it comes down to two simple tasks; lock it down and back it up!

Locking It Down

Locking down your cloud consists of three basic components working together. They are:

  • Using Passwords: Make sure to use passwords for everything. Use difficult to crack passwords that include letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Locally Encrypt Data: Encrypting your data before upload adds another layer of protection. Even if your cloud provider is hacked, they’ll still need to get through your encryption. Most hackers give up and look for easy pickings elsewhere.
  • Educate Your Staff: Educate your team on the importance of data security and your security policy (you should have one!) Implement data security protocols and make sure you use them! Build a corporate culture that focuses on the importance of maintaining a secure computing infrastructure.

The need to practice data security seems pretty obvious. These steps can help you to create a secure environment. Make sure every employee is trained and that every device – whether it’s your CEO’s cell phone, or your mobile team’s tablets – have the same level of security as your network.

Backing It Up!

Data backup is important, even on the cloud. Storing your data on the cloud doesn’t guarantee back up unless it’s specifically in your contract. Unless you explicitly include data backup and disaster recovery in your contract and plan, you are at risk.

Consider keeping a set of critical data backed up and offsite; important hardcopy documents and digital copies. If you can afford it, include a data backup package in your contract if possible. It’s more than worth the cost if there’s ever a problem.

Regardless of how you structure your IT infrastructure on the cloud, keep these two ideas in mind when it comes to your cloud security; lock it down, and back it up! For more tips on how to keep your data safe, contact a Hughes Xerographic representative today!



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